What is my IQ?

Some people wonder what is my iq?  As far as measuring the intelligence quotient of children, it is much in vogue and preferred by the mothers who want to know about the social and learning capacities of their children. On the other hand, there are lots of children who suffer from developmental disorders and conducting this test on those children can help them to bring about one of the most significant issues that the parents are required to deal with while the children are still young. If I would not have taken the IQ test myself to know “what is my IQ”, I would not have probably known that children do require these tests to help their parents to know their children better and to track their performances.

My parents took me to several counselors while I was still young because I was not swift or fast enough to give replies when they asked certain questions; While I was not too eager to know what is my IQ , I have done the same with my children. As far as measuring the IQ is concerned, there are several controversies because the term intelligence is not clearly contrived in the dictionary and it does not mean that a child is smarter than the others just on the basis of the IQ scores. One of the most important factors is that of inheritance and a child inherits intelligence from the parents. On the other hand, there are several social and economic circumstances on which the IQ scores will depend. If I am not too wrong, both my parents were in the profession of education and they understood well what is my IQ even before the tests were actually conducted. However, the lesser fortunate ones were not even familiar with the meaning and significance of carrying out the IQ tests.

Finding what is my IQ

One of my friends, whose daughter was suffering from autism but in milder levels could find better results of the ways in which the learning procedures should be carried out in order to help her to become a better individual despite a mental obstacle. As a child I could not appear for the online tests to know what is my IQ but my children are luckier in this matter and they are getting all the advantages. I have personally made them appear for the online IQ test and they have turned out to be intelligent enough through the standardized tests in which they scored much above 100. If you are willing to make your children sit for the tests, you can register for the online websites that run this test. On the other hand, I also had to suffer a lot of setback compared to what my parents had to undergo to know what is my IQ? There are lots of people who would strictly recommend not making the children go through these tests as they may appear to be stressful for their minds. However, a majority of schools in the US follow the IQ test as one of the basic requirements to test the level of intelligence of a child who are going to study and their future is shaped through the IQ tests.

What is my IQ