IQ test

One of the most common ways to assess your intelligence is to consider taking an IQ test but some people are confused about the accuracy of the IQ test and whether they are good enough to determine the intelligence level of a person. If you are willing to know whether an IQ is actually accurate or not, you need to take into account the personal history or the background of the iq test.

Background of the IQ Test

The intelligence quotient was first introduced by Sir Frances Galton who was a famous British scientist who had conducted this test on certain people and tried to compare them on the basis of their to complete certain work. Keeping this mind, he came to a conclusion that there must be some ways in which one can measure the level of human intelligence. Thereafter, there was another man called Sir Alfred Binet, a French psychologist who devised the method of another kind of IQ test with Theodore Simon. The iq test devised by them included a test for memory, problem solving abilities and reasoning. The tests that they developed seemed more logical and rational as compared to the one devised by Galton. Therefore, the tests that were developed by the latter one were more accurate in the predictions of academic achievements and it is still considered as one of the basic formula for the IQ test that is conducted nowadays. These tests were introduced in US by Lewis Terman and subsequently led to the developments of a scoring system that was new. In this system, a person’s IQ level was determined by comparing it with the people of same age group.

The preciseness of the basic IQ test

However, the matter that concerns us the most is the fact whether the IQ test are really precise or perfect and we are often left in awe as how some people in the same class perform exceedingly well while others remain below the level. Sometimes, people who do not perform well in the class may really do well in the IQ tests. However, all this does not imply that IQ test are not accurate but it only implies that some people are more perfect when it comes to the reasoning and problem solving skills. On the other hand, some people are known to have good memory skills. Another thing is that school examinations may not be the right way to judge a person or the intelligence of a person because it covers a wide range of topics; while some topics seem interesting to others, other topics are simply not of choice. This is reason perhaps that some students do not get good marks while others are getting good scores. Those students who do well in the examinations may not have studied hard and those who do really well are probably putting their heart and mind into the same. Therefore, the IQ test is still a matter of test